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South China Holistic uses the very best in eastern and western holistic healing techniques to relieve pain, reduce stress and promote
natural healing at affordable rates.


Comprehensive Health Consultation: • Acupuncture • Acupressure • Qigong Medical Massage • Ayurvedic-Total Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage • Relaxation Massage • Ayurvedic Chakra Anointing Treatment • Aromatherapy Massage • Reflexology • Foot pampering Treatments • Organic Facials • Tandem Massage: Two therapist working scalp to toes


We can assist you in healing: • 2nd and 3rd Degree Burns • Cancer • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Crohns • Diverticulitis • Liver Disorders • Arthritis • Joint and/or Muscle Pain • Sport Injuries • Nerve Pain • Motor Vehicle Injuries • Chronic Fatigue • Fibromyalgia • Headaches • Insomnia • Low Energy • Lymphatic Problems • Menopause • Menstrual Problems • Recovery from Injuries • Edema • Eczema • Acne • Cellulite • Deep Relaxation • Stress Relief


Our services include Qi Gong Medical Massage: This is an ancient healing method that harnesses the body's circulation, nervous system and body's essential energy (Qi) utilizing natural techniques including gentle massage, painless, acupressure and balancing energy of the body. Speeds up healing!


Balance - Bringing together mind, body and spirit
creates harmony in all things.

South China Holistic is committed to providing the highest professional
standards in healthful, holistic care and services.
"Our teamwork approach guarantees sincere dedication
to your growth and well being."

South China Holistic Treatments:

Body Treatments

Buddhist Qi Gong Medical Massage

Qi (energy) Gong (movement) is an Ancient Healing System with Ayurvedic roots that brings together Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Mede cine, acupressure, massage techniques and Qi. This therapy balances Qi, soothes or stimulates the nervous system and equalizes blood flow and circulation, thus promoting healing while reducing pain.

$80 (60 minutes)


The Ultimate Treatment: Ayurvedic Total Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage

An ancient treatment that stimulates the immune system and speeds the elimination of toxins from the body and lymph vessels. Two practitioners work from scalp to toes. One practitioner massages for deep release and stimulation of the lymphatic system. The second practitioner works on the scalp, hands and feet to give total relaxation. This is a great tandem massage!

1 Practitioner - $150 (90 minutes)

Package of 4 (prepaid) - $500 (6 hours)

2 Practitioners - $250 (90 minutes)


Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage

A special custom blend is made to address your specific needs. Then a gentle, relaxing, soothing massage technique combined with pure, high quality essential oils help to alleviate stress and excess tension symptoms.

$80 (60 minutes)


Tandem Treatment

Full body massage using a special blend of essential oils and liniments. Two practitioners working from scalp to toes, easing away all your body worries!

$150 (60 minutes)


Anti-Stress Purifying Back Treatment

Use of essential oils and an algae pack to bring about a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Followed by a 20 minute back massage.

$75 (60 minutes)


Exfoliation Treatment

A gentle application of sea mineral salts or sugar scrub over the body to take off dead skin cells, making skin soft and smooth.

$45 (30 minutes)

$80 (60 minutes)


Full Body Detox Scrub

This treatment is for detoxifying the lymph system, skin and cellulite. Very refreshing using a special Dead Sea salt with essential oils.

$80 (60 minutes)


Acupressure is an ancient Asian medical method of placing pressure on acupuncture points that cover the body and are used to help maintain vitality and health. The points are found on pathway of energy called meridians. These meridians frequently become unbalanced due to internal or external stimuli that are unfavourable to a healthy body and spirit. During a session the energy is balanced, tension reduced and aches and pains decreased. Emotionally, the individual will find stability and may journey closer to their full potential spiritually. Acupressure utilizes the same principles and as acupuncture but without the use of needles. Often Acupressure and massage may be combined in this therapy.

$80 (60 minutes)

$120 (90 minutes)


Facial Treatments

A careful diagnosis by our therapist is the first step towards beautiful and healthy skin. An array of selected organic facial products is chosen with your specific skin care needs in mind. Facial times vary from 30 minutes – 21⁄2 hours, depending on facial and individual skin type:


Mini Facial

A quick skin fix. Cleanse, clay mask, and aromatic mist. $45 (30 minutes)


Aromatherapy Facial

Relieves stress and improves skin condition. Cleansing treatment mask, aromatherapy facial massage.

$80 (60 minutes)


Teen Facial

Target skin treatment for teen skin. Deep cleansing reduces breakouts and balances complexion. Clay and herbal masks, toner, special complexion oil for facial massage.

$55 (60 minutes)

$75 (75 minutes )


Blue Lotus Deluxe Facial

A rejuvenating and restorative treatment that uses powerful herbs and rare essential oils with anti-oxidant and anti aging properties. Includes cleanse, toner, exfoliation, treatment mask, and facial acupressure points to stimulate skin renewal.

$95 (70 minutes)


Add On Treatments

Lymphatic Drainage Massage or Facial Lift (machine) to release excess fluids and oxygenate the skin, remove wrinkles, fine lines or scaring

$1 per minute (minimum 15 minutes)

Additional Massage

$1 per minute (minimum 15 minutes)

Body Bulder Detox Treatment

Massage / Lymph organs

$125 (75 minutes)


Pampering Foot Treatments

Our feet contain nerve endings, which connect to every part of our body – so pamper them!


Reflexology Foot Massage

Practiced all over the world in China, Tibet, India and Egypt. Working on the principles that the whole body is connected to the soles of the feet by nerve pathways and subtle energy points. Stimulating these connects and brings soothing relief to corresponding body parts and rejuvenates the entire system.

$45 (30 minutes)

$80 (60 minutes)


Aromatherapy Foot bath

Soak your tired aching feet in an aromatherapy mineral bath while sipping herbal tea.



Ultimate Foot Massage

Pampering aromatherapy, mineral foot soak, mask, foot and leg massage and reflexology treatment. Your feet will be in Heaven!

$80 (60 minutes)


Invigorating Foot Massage

Put the spring back into your step with a cooling aromatherapy mineral foot soak, foot and leg massage.

$60 (45 minutes)

$85 (75 minutes)


Serenity Foot Warming

Aromatherapy, mineral foot soak for tired achy feet. Gentle, relaxing foot and leg massage.

$45 (30 minutes)

$80 (60 minutes)


Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available at the center or you can email or phone to have them delivered. Certificates can be used for all services and products.


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